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Two Reasons for Just Love Coffee

One of our fundraising mechanisms is Just Love Coffee, a Tennessee-based coffee company that produces Fair Trade, organic, specialty coffee while using sales to support families who are in the adoption process.

One of the reasons that we like Just Love Coffee is their holistic approach to addressing the orphan crisis. They’re not just helping to fundraise for adoptions-they recognize that the need for adoptions is a symptom of a larger broken system. They’re also trying to keep children from becoming orphans by paying the farmers who supply their beans well and supporting charities that help provide clean water in the developing world.

And reason number two. Usually, Just Love Coffee donates $5 to the adopting family for each bag of coffee purchased. That’s awesome-friends of ours financed significant pieces of their adoption expenses this way. However, Amy and I are blessed to have an anonymous coffee-connoisseur who is willing to match Just Love Coffee’s donation to us. That’s right-for each bag of coffee that you buy from Just Love Coffee (using our link, of course), Amy and I will receive $10 in donations towards our adoption. Don’t forget to use our link when you buy 🙂

If you’re buying coffee anyway, we’d love it if you’d give Just Love a try. And if you’re buying a gift for a coffee drinker, Just Love is a great place to shop. Thanks for your help!

Here’s a little promo video from Just Love:


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