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In which an oversized check is presented

I don’t want to keep you in suspense. We got the check! It’s a matching grant for $3,000, given by an orphan advocacy group that we’re a part of called Harbor Orphan Care, a group of  20ish families dedicated to serving orphans in San Diego and around the world. There are several families who have adopted or are currently caring for foster children, as well as some who are in the process of adopting internationally or domestically.  There are also other people who attend who are just interested in finding ways to follow God’s call to care for the fatherless.  It’s a great group of passionate, inspiring people.

The Orphan Care meetings have been really encouraging for Amy and me. It’s been really cool to process the decision to adopt while watching families that are farther along in the process (and ask them for tons of advice). Anyway, last week we got together to watch Stuck, a documentary about international adoption. Before starting the movie, Justin and Melissa called us up to the front and presented us with a matching grant of $3000 raised by Harbor Orphan Care.

We’re thrilled-$3000 is a great start, especially since when we finish our home study we’ll need to send a payment of around $5000 to our agency. We’re also really honored and humbled. Harbor Orphan Care is still pretty new- the matching grant that we’re receiving is the result of yard sales and bake sales and lots of ten and fifteen dollar donations.

Because it’s a matching grant, we hope that you’ll help us take advantage of the whole amount. We’re hoping to raise at least $3000 in the next week or two so we can keep the process moving.  It’s sort of crazy and vulnerable to say that we’re so dependent on donations we can’t control, but we’re trusting that it’s not just us that cares about this baby far away.  So there will be lots of photo sessions and coffee sales and perhaps even an Etsy store this summer, but for now we’re just rallying.

If you can help us take advantage of this matching grant, we’d really appreciate your help. You can donate through Lifesong.

Thanks so much for all your support and love so far-we are so blessed by our community of friends and family. Our son is going to be so fortunate to have you as a part of his life.


To donate through Lifesong, click THIS LINK. Then make sure to note our account number-it’s 3711 and “Reams Family” on the donation form.

UPDATE- Thanks!!  You all have been so generous and we are so blessed.  We want to clarify that the donations given to the Lifesong link are the donations that are tax deductible.  Your Paypal donations are absolutely appreciated and we are so grateful, but if the tax deduction matters- go for the Lifesong link.  Thanks!

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