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In which we learn that a little finger can really slow things down…

A few couple weeks ago, we shared my wife’s unfortunately timed bee encounter. This week, while struggling to find the words to express our gratitude for all of your support, I mentioned that the bee sting may be keeping Amy’s fingerprints from processing successfully. Yesterday, we learned that isn’t the case. We learned that her fingerprinting challenges run deeper than our doorknob/apiary. We learned that Amy’s pinky cannot be fingerprinted.

Amy spent more than an hour at our local Livescan office. Two separate techies tried to assist her. She soaked her fingers in vinegar, hand lotion, Elmer’s glue, and eye of newt. OK, one of those things is made up. But no matter what they tried, or how hard two grown men pushed on Amy’s little pinky, the machine couldn’t read her print. She’s untraceable. An enigma. A cipher.

That’s right. If you’re ever the victim of a crime and the police regretfully inform you that they have been unable to locate any fingerprints, call and let me know. I’ll check to see if my wife has an alibi.

And bees, I’d like to apologize for blaming you for that initial poor scan. You’re all right in my book.

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