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Highs and Lows

I promise that we will stop writing about fingerprints at some point. I promise.

But not today.

Friday was a really encouraging day. In between helping arrange and then photograph a beautiful wedding (keep an eye on the Reams Photo blog for more on this) for two of our good friends, Amy ran down to be fingerprinted again because of an input error. This time, Amy prepped for the fingerprinting like crazy.

Step 1-She avoided bees.

Step 2-She slept wearing mittens filled with lotion, which supposedly enables the ridges on the finger to be more easily readable by the LiveScan machine.

LiveScan grades each fingerprint with a Red (the equivelant of an “F”), Yellow (a “D”), or a Green (an “A”, “B”, or “C”). Last time, Amy received mostly Yellow scores with a Red on the beestung pinky. But, given a second chance and still wearing her mittens, Amy decided to settle for no less than Greens.

And she did it! After each green, Amy jumped up and down and high-fived the technician with her well-hydrated hands. And, after successfully getting a Green on each finger, she took this celebratory photo with the LiveScan staff.

Yesterday was not as encouraging. Our home study provider notified us that the fingerprints were still not high enough quality for the FBI. So…we’re back to waiting for the alternate background check on Amy, a process that could take up to 90 days. We’re disappointed, for sure. We finished up our home study paperwork quickly and were hoping for a referral by the end of the summer. It looks now like that might be put on hold until the holidays.

During our online class yesterday, the instructor mentioned that one of the possible benefits of adoption is an increase of patience. She kept repeating “Adoption does not work on your timeline.”  We’re still really early in the process, but I think that we’re learning that.

I’m so grateful for Amy. Every time that I get frustrated with the timeline, she reminds me that God is in charge of the timeline and that he’s directing us towards the perfect new addition for our family. We’ve been thinking gratefully of Jeremiah 29-“For I know the plans I have for you…” and trying to learn patience.

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