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Camping in Idyllwild

Amy’s been waiting for fall. Waiting might not be the right word. Yearning. Amy’s been yearning for fall. So, last week, in an effort to spur on the coming of autumn, we drove out to Idyllwild for our first adventure in real, in-a-tent, camping. We borrowed a tent from a friend of a friend and met Kristen and Adam and the kids up in the Idyllwild wilderness. We pitched our tents in the dark and slept under the stars. Lucy said, “The crickets are singing me to sleep.” We hiked and roasted marshmallows (and attempted, without much success, to roast a Starburst. It turns out, it just looks like melted plastic-a little disapointing, if you ask me) around the campfire. Lucy loved hanging out in the tent. as soon as we set it up, she said, “This is my house” and every time that we passed another tent in the campground she pointed at it and said, “That’s where we live.” It was a wonderful getaway. And, when we woke up on Monday morning, a fine layer of fog had settled over our street and it felt like fall had arrived.

Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0027.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0013.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0001.jpgLucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0011.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0002.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0006.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0003.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0010.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0005.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0004.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0008.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0007.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0009.jpg

Initially, we thought that Jackson was posing for the camera in his baseball gear. As it turns out, he was just gradually becoming more frustrated with Amy for not pitching the baseball to him.
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0015.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0016.jpgLucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0014.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0017.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0018.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0019.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0012.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0020.jpg
Lucy really enjoyed playing with all three of the kids. She’s starting to get more and more interested in what the older kids are doing.
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0021.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0023.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0022.jpg
Amy took these next two. I think that they’re my favorite from the weekend.

Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0024.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0025.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0026.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0028.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0030.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0031.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0029.jpg
Lucy | Camping in Idyllwild_0032.jpg

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