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October Update

The Not-So Good News

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A couple weeks ago, Amy and I received an email from our agency. The email linked to a state department press release notifying us that [Home Country] had suspended the processing of exit permits for children who were to be adopted internationally. The state department cautioned that the suspension might last for up to twelve months.

Obviously, this is disappointing news for our family.

Amy and I have been processing slowly, praying and trying to discern what this might mean for our plans to adopt. We haven’t really come to any sort of conclusion yet, but we still believe that adoption (and hopefully adoption from [Home Country]) is very much a part of our future.  As we mentioned in our last update, our information is on file in [Home Country] and we are awaiting a referral. We’ll certainly let you know if our situation changes, but for now, like Bono and David, we wait.

**Our agency has asked us not to post too much about the specifics of the adoption process-especially anything that might be construed negatively by [Home Country] officials. Amy and I would be happy to answer questions that you might have, but we can’t give too much more info in this forum.

November 12, 2013 - 12:42 am

Joan Tilley - Continuing to pray for God’s timing and His leading in this process. I know He has my little grandson safe in His hands; we just haven’t met him yet!

March 10, 2015 - 9:06 pm

Meeting our son » The Reams Family - […] is not quite finished, but we’re nearing the very end.  However, because [Home Country] still hasn’t restarted issuing exit visas yet, we’ll continue to wait and pray for this sweet baby to come home to us.  Please join us in […]

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