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A Trip to New York

This is going to be a pretty long post.
In early June, we got the opportunity to travel to New York to photograph a wedding and spend time with friends. Debriefing the trip, I told Amy that I was surprised to find that New York has become much less about the city and much more about the people whom we love that we only get to see when we’re there.
Our trip was split into several parts. We started in the city with our friends Dan and Alex and their son taking a ferry trip over to Long Island City where Lucy got to ride on a carousel and see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building (both of which she recognized from New York books that we’d read at home to prep her for her trip).
NYC Trip for Family Blog-2_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-6_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-5_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-31_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-12_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-14_WEB.jpg
Then we headed out of the city to spend a couple of days with our friends Adam and Renee at their adorable little house in Putnam County (!), just across the river from Connecticut. Lucy had a chance to visit Grand Central Station and take her first long train ride, which she enjoyed (although she did threaten to “touch all these peoples eyes” when she got upset at one point.)
NYC Trip for Family Blog-42_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-44_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-48_WEB.jpg
The next day, we went on a hike in the incredibly lush and green woods near Adam and Renee’s house. Lucy loved the hike–she explored little caves that we saw along the way, picked out a walking stick (so did Adam), and collected rocks as souveniers of her trip.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-50_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-55_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-57_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-61_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-54_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-53_WEB.jpg
At the top of the hill, we arrived at a fire tower that stands about 100′ high. Lucy decided that it was Rapunzel’s tower, and she proceeded to climb the whole thing-exposed stairs all the way up-by herself. She was so brave, and we were so proud (Amy was also a little nervous to be up that high).
NYC Trip for Family Blog-62_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-63_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-65_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-70_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-72_WEB.jpg
We took some pretty cute family pictures in the woods before finishing up our hike.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-73_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-75_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-68_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-83_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-77_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-85_WEB.jpg
That afternoon we ate some delicious ice cream and wandered around Putnam County a little
NYC Trip for Family Blog-91_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-92_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-93_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-86_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-94_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-79_WEB.jpg
And Lucy learned how to play banjo and piano before heading back into the city. We have talented friends.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-96_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-99_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-101_WEB.jpg
When we got back into the city, we headed over to Central Park for a trip to the American Museum of Natural History. Lucy had a blast there-she’s been really into dinosaurs lately (thanks, Grandma Connie!) and correctly identified several dinosaur species while we were in the museum. She also really liked the big taxidermied dioramas, especially the grizzly bear.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-103_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-105_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-107_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-106_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-114_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-115_WEB.jpg
After leaving the museum, we stopped in Union Square to show Lucy a little bit of where Amy went to school and give her a chance to run around in a park a little.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-127_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-125_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-129_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-131_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-133_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-132_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-134_WEB.jpg
After leaving the park, we hopped back onto the subway to head out to visit Amy’s college roommate, Bethany (and her husband Jerod). Last time we were in New York was for Bethany and Jerod’s wedding, and Lucy was really excited to recreate one of the pictures that we took of her as a 6-week old riding the subway.
NYC Trip for Family Blog-136_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-137_WEB.jpg
We stayed the night with Bethany and Jerod before leaving for JFK the next morning.NYC Trip for Family Blog-119_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-122_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-123_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-124_WEB.jpgNYC Trip for Family Blog-74_WEB.jpg

July 3, 2014 - 12:45 pm

Renee - Love these photos!!! We are so thankful for our friendship. COME. BACK. ANYTIME!

July 3, 2014 - 3:07 pm

Melanie - Wow! It’s really pretty and green in places where it rains!
These are beautiful!

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