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Beach Weekend 2014

We’re way overdue on blog updates. Things continue to progress, slowly, on the adoption front. We’d be happy to share more details in person if you would like the latest on that front.
While we wait, we’re trying to catch up a little on some of the blog posts that we’ve missed over the last several months.
Here are some of our favorite moments from our beach getaway this summer. We were so blessed and renewed by our time with the Williams family and Amy’s cousins.

Summer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0007.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0008.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0009.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0010.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0001.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0002.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0003.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0004.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0005.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0006.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0011.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0012.jpg

Lucy loved doing checkups on Baby Reilly.

Summer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0014.jpgSummer 2014 | Beach Weekend_0015.jpg

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