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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is a big deal for Amy’s side of the family. For each of the last 13 years we’ve (that’s how long I’ve been going–the Currys and Gilberts have been at it much longer than that) driven up to Chico to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.

Some of this year’s highlights included:
A Dance Party in the Living Room

Reams Family 2014_0059.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0060.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0061.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0062.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0063.jpg
Lots of Splendor

Reams Family 2014_0064.jpg
Lucy cuddling and getting read to or eating. Pretty much always.
Reams Family 2014_0073.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0076.jpg

Family hang out time

Reams Family 2014_0074.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0058.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0071.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0072.jpg
And tackling Uncle Tyler
Reams Family 2014_0078.jpg
We also had a pinata
Reams Family 2014_0077.jpg
And a nice little baby shower and time of prayer for our adoption

Reams Family 2014_0075.jpg
And of course, it’s not Thanksgiving without the turkey

Reams Family 2014_0065.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0067.jpgWe also found some time to get some portraits of the family.
Reams Family 2014_0069.jpg
Reams Family 2014_0070.jpg

Reams Family 2014_0068.jpg

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