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Early December 2015

Some shots of early December. We have really enjoyed spending this pre-Christmas season with our friends and neighbors. We are so blessed!

Reams Family 2015_0374.jpgReams Family 2015_0376.jpgReams Family 2015_0373.jpgReams Family 2015_0375.jpgReams Family 2015_0372.jpgReams Family 2015_0377.jpgReams Family 2015_0378.jpgReams Family 2015_0379.jpgReams Family 2015_0380.jpgReams Family 2015_0381.jpgReams Family 2015_0382.jpgReams Family 2015_0383.jpgReams Family 2015_0384.jpgReams Family 2015_0385.jpgReams Family 2015_0386.jpgReams Family 2015_0387.jpgReams Family 2015_0388.jpgReams Family 2015_0389.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0391.jpgReams Family 2015_0392.jpgReams Family 2015_0393.jpgReams Family 2015_0394.jpg

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