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In an attempt to see progress on Baby Boy’s adoption, I (Amy) went to Washington DC with lots of other adoptive families.  The timing could not have been better- we got news that we weren’t on a list of released children last Friday afternoon, and Monday I boarded a plane.  In DC, I felt instant heart connections with these other waiting families.  I had three wonderful waiting moms for roommates, and we talked into the wee hours of the night about the hardships (and gifts) of the wait.  We prayed together and pumped each other up, put on our power blazers, and stormed the Hill with the other families.  The large group split into several smaller groups, and our group of 5 parents and 1 lawyer traveled together from representative to representative.  This was amazing.  In that small group was Krysta, the mom who lived in Kinshasa with her kids for almost 2 years and learned Lingala (in part) to help change the hearts and minds of the Congolese officials working on this issue.  There were two parents in our group who had their kids released on last Friday’s list, but they still came anyway, showed my son’s picture to their representatives and said “it’s not over yet.”  We told our stories together, cheered our successes, and pretty much all cried at some point or another.  Our lawyer was fantastic, and although his credentials are long and impressive, he knew what would really change our situation was winning over our representatives with our stories, our pictures, our longings.  He empowered us to take the lead in our own representative meetings and jumped in when our faces went blank (I don’t actually know the precedent for private legislative bills, turns out).  What a feeling, to speak to someone you know has power about something that makes you feel so very powerless, surrounded by an incredible network of support and knowledge.  High levels of humility, empowerment, love, gratitude, sadness, and excitement all mixed together in a really muddled and lovely heap.  Baby Boy, what a beautiful network you are coming into!

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March 8, 2016 - 12:04 am

Sarah Boscia - Thank you for the update. Praying for your son to come home soon,

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