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Some Favs | May 2016

Some favorite moments of May, 2016.

Crazy Hair Day at school!
Reams Family 2016_0023.jpg

Time with the cousins!
Reams Family 2016_0024.jpgReams Family 2016_0025.jpgReams Family 2016_0026.jpgReams Family 2016_0027.jpgReams Family 2016_0001.jpg

Time at the beach!

Reams Family 2016_0012.jpgReams Family 2016_0011.jpgReams Family 2016_0015.jpgReams Family 2016_0013.jpgReams Family 2016_0014.jpgReams Family 2016_0017.jpgReams Family 2016_0016.jpg

Tea Party and Dress-up Dance Party with a Friend!

Reams Family 2016_0006.jpgReams Family 2016_0003.jpgReams Family 2016_0004.jpgReams Family 2016_0005.jpgReams Family 2016_0020.jpgReams Family 2016_0021.jpgReams Family 2016_0022.jpg

Lots of other fun!

Reams Family 2016_0002.jpgReams Family 2016_0007.jpgReams Family 2016_0008.jpgReams Family 2016_0009.jpgReams Family 2016_0010.jpgReams Family 2016_0019.jpgReams Family 2016_0018.jpg

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