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Gideon | 100 Days

Gideon: 100 days ago we arrived in San Diego as a family of four. I’ve written a list of ten things that I wantView full post »

6 Weeks Home

Lots of photos from our first six weeks of all four family members living on the same continent!View full post »

Our Trip to the DRC | Photo Heavy

Our trip to the DRC started with a flight from LAX to Istanbul. We had a twenty hour layover in Turkey, which wasView full post »

Washington DC

In an attempt to see progress on Baby Boy’s adoption, I (Amy) went to Washington DC with lots of other adoptiveView full post »

Meeting our son

We’ve had to be really vague when it comes to talking about our adoption online.  The state of internationalView full post »

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy

In the fall we celebrated our son’s first birthday. He wasn’t able to attend this year (hopefully, next yearView full post »

Parenting in a backpack

We made it to our next step, and I now feel officially pregnant.  Only this time around the child and the pregnancy areView full post »

October Update

The Not-So Good News A couple weeks ago, Amy and I received an email from our agency. The email linked to a stateView full post »

A Belated August thru September update

It’s been more than a month since we updated you last on our adoption process. That’s not because we haven’t beenView full post »

Sometimes, good news looks like a trip to the post office

Today was one of those days. If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll know that many of our posts so farView full post »

Highs and Lows

I promise that we will stop writing about fingerprints at some point. I promise. But not today. Friday was a reallyView full post »

In which we learn that a little finger can really slow things down…

A few couple weeks ago, we shared my wife’s unfortunately timed bee encounter. This week, while struggling to findView full post »

Thoughts in Gratitude

Lucy is our first child. She’s provided lots of surprises. I wanted to share one that I’ve been thinking a lot aboutView full post »

In which an oversized check is presented

I don’t want to keep you in suspense. We got the check! It’s a matching grant for $3,000, given by an orphanView full post »