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How Can You Help?

Here are some ways that you can support us!

1. Make a tax-deductible contribution to us through Lifesong. In addition to providing grants to families who are pursuing adoption, Lifesong also utilizes their non-profit status to allow those interested in supporting adoption to make a tax-deductible contribution to a specific family.

To donate through Lifesong, click THIS LINK. Then make sure to note our account number-it’s 3711 and “Reams Family” on the donation form. Lifesong doesn’t charge any fee for this service (other than a small credit card fee). 100% of your donation goes to reimburse us for adoption expenses. They’ll just reimburse us from your donations as adoption expenses come up.

2. Drink some coffee. Just Love Coffee is a pretty cool organization. It raises money for families who are trying to adopt while also providing a living wage for women in developing countries so that there is a reduced need for adoption. If you use THIS LINK to purchase your coffee, Just Love Coffee will give us $5/bag. Someone has also volunteered to match this with another $5.That’s right-for every bag of coffee that you purchase from the above link, you’re donating $10 towards our adoption. Although I don’t drink coffee myself, I have it from reliable sources that the coffee is excellent.

3. There’ll be lots more opportunities to help.

For instance, we’re planning a silent auction for September and some adoption donation photo shoots for over the summer. If you’d like to provide a service or item for the auction, or if you’ve got a great fundraising idea for us, please get in touch with us!