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    We’re Paul and Amy. We’re teachers and artists and lovers and laughers. We have a daughter,
    Lucy, who fills us with delight. We take pictures in fields of flowers. We’re adopting a little boy
    from Africa. And we can’t wait to meet him.

Seattle 2015

We got to make a quick stop in Seattle on the way to Thanksgiving this year. Here is a little sampling of our time with Dad and Farah.
Reams Family 2015_0354.jpgReams Family 2015_0355.jpgReams Family 2015_0356.jpgReams Family 2015_0357.jpg

The big highlight this year was a trip to the Seattle aquarium. Lucy has a burgeoning interest in photography (I wonder why) and she spent most of her time at the aquarium taking photos and videos of the animals that she saw. She’s a really careful photographer–it’s fun to watch how deliberate that she is about focusing and getting the picture just the way that she wants it to be.
Reams Family 2015_0359.jpgReams Family 2015_0362.jpgReams Family 2015_0364.jpgReams Family 2015_0361.jpgReams Family 2015_0365.jpgReams Family 2015_0363.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0358.jpgReams Family 2015_0366.jpg
Then we got to spend a little more time inside making Christmas cards and helping Grandma Farah decorate for Christmas.

Reams Family 2015_0368.jpgReams Family 2015_0367.jpgReams Family 2015_0369.jpgReams Family 2015_0370.jpgReams Family 2015_0371.jpg

October 2015

Lucy got really inspired to write a book about Papa Wizard’s life, so we took some picture of her sharing the book with Papa Wizard.

Reams Family 2015_0341.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0342.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0343.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0344.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0345.jpg

We also had a fun, homemade breakfast morning and a great time with friends and grandparents.
Reams Family 2015_0347.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0348.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0349.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0350.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0351.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0352.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0353.jpg

May and June

There are lots of things that we did this May and (early) June. Lucy went to Scottie Tots and she got a chance to spend some time at the tidepools with friends.
Reams Family 2015_0032.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0029.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0030.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0031.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0033.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0034.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0035.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0037.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0036.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0038.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0039.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0040.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0041.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0042.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0045.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0046.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0044.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0048.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0047.jpg