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    We’re Paul and Amy. We’re teachers and artists and lovers and laughers. We have a daughter,
    Lucy, who fills us with delight. We take pictures in fields of flowers. We’re adopting a little boy
    from Africa. And we can’t wait to meet him.

May and June

There are lots of things that we did this May and (early) June. Lucy went to Scottie Tots and she got a chance to spend some time at the tidepools with friends.
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Meeting our son

Gideon and DRC Processed-200

We’ve had to be really vague when it comes to talking about our adoption online.  The state of international adoption in general, and our son’s birth country in particular, is really fragile.  We want to be extra careful to keep our son and the hundreds of kids in adoption limbo from [Home Country] protected and home with their forever families as soon as possible.

We did recently get to travel to [Home Country] to visit our son for the first time.  It’s been over a year since we’ve known him through pictures and sporadic medical updates, but meeting him in person was just incredible.  What a happy, beautiful baby he is!  He is so full of life, and made us laugh and cry and do some crazy dances.  He gives big, sloppy kisses, he babbles all the time, he crawls faster than I’ve ever seen a baby crawl, he loves to sing and dance, and his adorable laugh sounds like the cutest little purr/giggle.

We spent most of our time in our hotel getting to know our sweet baby, but we did get to venture out for dinner one night.  How fun it was to experience our son’s birth culture through food!  We loved it- trying everything from Cassavah to Foo Foo to Caterpillars.

We also are so tremendously grateful for our son’s foster family.  They’ve done an amazing job caring for and loving on our boy.  We feel like our son couldn’t be in better hands through this difficult wait and we’ve started what I hope is a forever relationship with his foster mom.

Our adoption process is not quite finished, but we’re nearing the very end.  However, because [Home Country] still hasn’t restarted issuing exit visas yet, we’ll continue to wait and pray for this sweet baby to come home to us.  Please join us in prayer- this is an issue that affects so many precious waiting children.

Come home soon baby boy!  Our house feels a little emptier this week without you here!