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    We’re Paul and Amy. We’re teachers and artists and lovers and laughers. We have a daughter,
    Lucy, who fills us with delight. We take pictures in fields of flowers. We’re adopting a little boy
    from Africa. And we can’t wait to meet him.

Our Trip to the DRC | Photo Heavy

Our trip to the DRC started with a flight from LAX to Istanbul. We had a twenty hour layover in Turkey, which was fantastic. We got to sleep in a hotel bed (what a luxury after a 13 hour flight!) and visit the Hagia Sophia. Lucy has been talking about Turkey ever since we arrived. “It’s a very fancy country,” she says anytime that her trip to Turkey comes up in conversation. “Very fancy.”

Reams Family 2015_0469.jpgReams Family 2015_0470.jpgReams Family 2015_0471.jpgReams Family 2015_0472.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0473.jpgReams Family 2015_0474.jpgReams Family 2015_0475.jpgReams Family 2015_0476.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0477.jpgReams Family 2015_0478.jpgReams Family 2015_0479.jpgReams Family 2015_0480.jpg

Once we arrived in the DRC, we were excited to spend lots of quality time as a family of four!

Reams Family 2015_0481.jpgReams Family 2015_0483.jpgReams Family 2015_0485.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0486.jpgReams Family 2015_0487.jpgReams Family 2015_0489.jpgReams Family 2015_0492.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0496.jpgReams Family 2015_0497.jpgReams Family 2015_0499.jpgReams Family 2015_0500.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0501.jpgReams Family 2015_0506.jpgReams Family 2015_0507.jpgReams Family 2015_0508.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0509.jpgReams Family 2015_0510.jpgReams Family 2015_0512.jpg

We also were able to spend lots of time with other adopting families while we were in Kinshasa. All of us loved getting to know these families, especially Lucy who was grateful for some friends her own age.

Reams Family 2015_0488.jpgReams Family 2015_0490.jpgReams Family 2015_0491.jpgReams Family 2015_0493.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0494.jpgReams Family 2015_0495.jpgReams Family 2015_0518.jpgReams Family 2015_0519.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0520.jpgReams Family 2015_0523.jpgReams Family 2015_0524.jpgReams Family 2015_0532.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0533.jpgReams Family 2015_0535.jpgReams Family 2015_0537.jpgReams Family 2015_0538.jpgReams Family 2015_0529.jpgReams Family 2015_0513.jpgReams Family 2015_0511.jpg

We didn’t get to leave the hotel a ton–and when we did we were strongly discouraged from taking pictures–but we did get to visit the Congo River one day

Reams Family 2015_0502.jpgReams Family 2015_0503.jpgReams Family 2015_0504.jpgReams Family 2015_0505.jpg

And spend quality time with Congolese friends!

Reams Family 2015_0514.jpgReams Family 2015_0515.jpgReams Family 2015_0516.jpgReams Family 2015_0517.jpg

We also got to spend Easter and Lucy’s birthday in Kinshasa!

Reams Family 2015_0534.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0544.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0545.jpg

But mostly our trip was about spending quality time as a family together!

Reams Family 2015_0540.jpgReams Family 2015_0539.jpgReams Family 2015_0542.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0526.jpgReams Family 2015_0525.jpgReams Family 2015_0527.jpgReams Family 2015_0543.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0548.jpgReams Family 2015_0546.jpgReams Family 2015_0547.jpgReams Family 2015_0554.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0550.jpgReams Family 2015_0551.jpgReams Family 2015_0552.jpgReams Family 2015_0531.jpgReams Family 2015_0541.jpg


April 26, 2016 - 5:23 am

Connie Reams-Lauterbach - These are all so precious and special. So glad you are home so we could meet Gede in person.

April 27, 2016 - 10:07 am

Aunt Grace - Precious pictures of the fantastic four! What a journey, looking forward to meeting Gede
Love you- Aunt Grace

Washington DC

In an attempt to see progress on Baby Boy’s adoption, I (Amy) went to Washington DC with lots of other adoptive families.  The timing could not have been better- we got news that we weren’t on a list of released children last Friday afternoon, and Monday I boarded a plane.  In DC, I felt instant heart connections with these other waiting families.  I had three wonderful waiting moms for roommates, and we talked into the wee hours of the night about the hardships (and gifts) of the wait.  We prayed together and pumped each other up, put on our power blazers, and stormed the Hill with the other families.  The large group split into several smaller groups, and our group of 5 parents and 1 lawyer traveled together from representative to representative.  This was amazing.  In that small group was Krysta, the mom who lived in Kinshasa with her kids for almost 2 years and learned Lingala (in part) to help change the hearts and minds of the Congolese officials working on this issue.  There were two parents in our group who had their kids released on last Friday’s list, but they still came anyway, showed my son’s picture to their representatives and said “it’s not over yet.”  We told our stories together, cheered our successes, and pretty much all cried at some point or another.  Our lawyer was fantastic, and although his credentials are long and impressive, he knew what would really change our situation was winning over our representatives with our stories, our pictures, our longings.  He empowered us to take the lead in our own representative meetings and jumped in when our faces went blank (I don’t actually know the precedent for private legislative bills, turns out).  What a feeling, to speak to someone you know has power about something that makes you feel so very powerless, surrounded by an incredible network of support and knowledge.  High levels of humility, empowerment, love, gratitude, sadness, and excitement all mixed together in a really muddled and lovely heap.  Baby Boy, what a beautiful network you are coming into!

Reams Family 2015_0439.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0440.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0444.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0443.jpgReams Family 2015_0460.jpgReams Family 2015_0461.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0442.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0441.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0462.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0464.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0465.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0466.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0467.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0468.jpgReams Family 2015_0449.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0450.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0446.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0447.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0458.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0457.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0448.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0454.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0456.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0459.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0451.jpgReams Family 2015_0452.jpg

March 8, 2016 - 12:04 am

Sarah Boscia - Thank you for the update. Praying for your son to come home soon,

Seattle 2015

We got to make a quick stop in Seattle on the way to Thanksgiving this year. Here is a little sampling of our time with Dad and Farah.
Reams Family 2015_0354.jpgReams Family 2015_0355.jpgReams Family 2015_0356.jpgReams Family 2015_0357.jpg

The big highlight this year was a trip to the Seattle aquarium. Lucy has a burgeoning interest in photography (I wonder why) and she spent most of her time at the aquarium taking photos and videos of the animals that she saw. She’s a really careful photographer–it’s fun to watch how deliberate that she is about focusing and getting the picture just the way that she wants it to be.
Reams Family 2015_0359.jpgReams Family 2015_0362.jpgReams Family 2015_0364.jpgReams Family 2015_0361.jpgReams Family 2015_0365.jpgReams Family 2015_0363.jpg
Reams Family 2015_0358.jpgReams Family 2015_0366.jpg
Then we got to spend a little more time inside making Christmas cards and helping Grandma Farah decorate for Christmas.

Reams Family 2015_0368.jpgReams Family 2015_0367.jpgReams Family 2015_0369.jpgReams Family 2015_0370.jpgReams Family 2015_0371.jpg